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Crunch time on Dustin Court

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"Some people just don't work and play well with others," she said. And therein lie most of the problems.

Yamhill Truth Serum

Sal Peralta thinks voting to fine these people with the only consequence being a fine getting added, raised then piling up on people who are already disenfranchised. These people are trying to get on their feet.
There has to be a better answer and a more humane answer. Vote anyone but Sal for city council.


I could be wrong about this, but Sal is the only candidate I am aware of who has actually gone to these people and spoken to them about their needs. He can't be faulted for turning a blind eye.


I seems to me that Frank Cochrane and Kitt Gray are ready to actually do something to move their lives in the right direction. A line in the sand can be a good thing.

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