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County planners approve RV park

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Ignore the close minded critics Mr. Jivanjee. Great to see a smart business owner acting creatively and improving the area while hopefully earning a nice profit.

A few non-solicited recommendations: Study how Olde Stone provides reservations and do something different. They're picky about the age/condition of RVs (understandably so) but drive people crazy with the process they use. Consider putting up an outdoor movie viewing area. Consider adding surge protection as standard on your electrical hookups. A dog off leash area would be great. Go overboard with the number of showers available. Dining/food isn't within easy/safe walking distance of your location - consider an option on site.

Please think about bidding on the Dell Smith house at the other end of town. You sound like just the person to buy it and do something positive there also.


Oregonian - what a refreshingly thoughtful post, thanks for kicking off the discussion on such a positive note.


I keep hearing the issue of pedestrians needing to cross busy highways. Why don’t we have pedestrian overpasses in this state?


Greg - They're expensive and Oregon doesn't have the money. Sherwood, however is putting one in across HWY 99 for kids crossing over to and from the new high school.

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