By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

County Dems elect youngest chair and vice-chair in Oregon

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“The more different perspectives you have, the better decisions you come out with.”

While I agree in principle with young Mr. Herrera; I also must take exception to the absolutism of his argument. More sticks in the fire is not a guarantee for a balanced perspective to be obtained. In this present climate in which we find ourselves, the voices on the street do not necessarily translate to the boardroom, but they should be noted.

I applaud the inclusion of our young people, but must caution that if left to its own means and their relationship (or lack thereof) with history will possibly lead to making the same mistakes that were made in previous generations. While this next generation takes their seat at the table, let's hope that there are still a few "boomers" around that remember....

E.J. Farrar

Go to a meeting of either big political party in Yamhill County and the attendees generally look like the audience of an old Lawrence Welk rerun. Maybe this will help change that.