By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County budget committee approves money for suicide prevention, body cameras, parks

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"Although department heads’ requests for additional General Fund allocations are a significant part of the budget process, Huffer said he would not post them online, although they are available for review in the county’s administrative office." In other words, we have to take the time to physically drive to the Admin office in order to see them. Why hide them? Where's the transparency? Also, Doreen App stating that the Commissioners work more than 40 hours per week is misguided and uninformed. If they truly did their jobs, we wouldn't need a County Administrator. Standing on a street corner photo oping is not doing their jobs. One last comment, Starrett and Berschauer tout that they don't take PERS. If you look at the information contained in the County Budget and other financial documents, the 401K plan that they use as an alternate actually costs the taxpayers more than PERS would. It may make nice looking rhetoric to state that they are denying PERS, but what is the cost to the taxpayers and what it the actual increased benefit to those Commissioners?


Spartan- your point raised a question for me....(if you know), do all eligible county employees have the option to opt- out of PERS and have a 401(b) ?.....


tagup, no they don't. Just the commissioners. IMO, that's a Leslie Lewis ploy so she could continue to build her 401k that she had from her husband's company.


Isn’t that interesting.....a special policy for one person.
Thanks for the info.