By Ossie Bladine • Editor • 

Council to consider zone change for potential affordable housing project

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'The three tax lots in question...'
While I applaud the effort to provide more stable, secure housing in Mac, I wonder why only three? Surely Mac needs many more available units. And yes I know that we should be grateful for even small beginnings, but Mac has had this problem for a long time now and should of already made a move to correct it.
Rather than pouring more and more HHS dollars into Mac's nonprofit culture, let's find funding for even more affordable housing. Maybe we cannot get all of the homeless off of the street (some really do not want to live a conventional lifestyle), but we can start paving the way for others to come to the party.


Finding property for affordable housing tends to be a local hot potato. Note the location here, which isn’t exactly on the wrong side of the proverbial railroad tracks, but on the far side of not only the river, but also the highway, convenient to nowhere for folks many of whom may not have a car. This isn’t unusual; efforts to build affordable housing tend to bring out NIMBY in full force, so we should be grateful for any that can be built, even if it’s a modest start.


Hibb, It may be only three tax lots, but it looks pretty large (about the same size as the hospital including all of its parking); it may not be that all of the empty land there is included, though.

Rumpel: I thought about the distance too. I would hope the local transit could put a route there.


There already is public transportation near by