By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Cordie's father sues her mother, his ex-wife

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This still makes me shake my head. How could there not be any criminal charges related to the death? She was in her Mother's car. Her Mother was driving drunk. Meighan died leaving the vehicle. How is it different than if they wrecked the car and Meighan was killed in the wreck? Her mother could have been charged then?? It does not make sense.


Sometimes the proof just isn’t there....I thought there should be some punishment for misleading law enforcement about where to search....that was a huge red flag....


It was said that Meighan died instantly. Did the Mom know this? Did she mislead authorities and search parties as to the real location of her daughter knowing that her daughter could be injured or dying. Thank goodness that her poor daughter died instantly, because if she had counted on her Mother, she would have suffered even more. I think her Mom should have to answer for that. I suspect she didn't know for a fact that here daughter had died. Shame on her! I really do not know the law, but misleading and lying to the authorities should have had more consequences.


A complete tragedy from start to finish. I feel she deserved some sort of charges. Even if it was filing a false police report.