By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners to oppose gun control bill

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Good move. Keep those that want total control of our lives out of our homes and lives.

Christmas has Talons

Thank you Commissioners for voting the way Yamhill county voters and your constituents want you to and thanks for standing up to Comrade Kate just prepare for her to fund your opponents over this.


Thank you commissioners.


Sounds fun. Do they have teams for adults too?


Comrade Kate? Equating her to a communist is totally off base. Voting the way Yamhill County voters want? Really? Not all YC voters. And, Greg, it seems that you want total control of my life. Trust me, that will never happen!


Let’s take back our rights. Kindergarten kids should be allowed to use guns unsupervised. If all students carried guns to school, our world would be much safer. And, if a teacher is mean to a student, that teacher could be shot.


Meant to say gopher, not Greg.

fir tree

It appears as though we need to make sure we take care of Kevin Starrett (yes, brother of Mary) so that the campaign contributions can keep coming in. I don't disagree that this House Bill needs to be shut down, but that's what we have elected state officials for. County Commissioners need to stay focused on county issues. Let Ron Noble deal with this.

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