By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Chamber advocates for care center measure

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Thank you Ms. Goodrum for advocating for local businesses. It's painfully clear the city of McMinnville is run by people who have never signed the front of a paycheck. Only the back. That is why the bureaucrats and the city councilman have run the city into the dismal financial shape it's in. It's a passive aggressive attempt to create necessity for more money. I would ask if the council has no shame but I already know that answer.


Attorney David Koch has sneered at people, yelled at them and otherwise not been the most professional example in our town. I would like to understand why he thinks that supporting businesses that pay taxes to our city puts him at conflict? This is a problem.


Could someone please explain to me why the care centers need to call ems for something the care center is paid to provide?


My thought exactly....if the care center won’t hire or train people to handle routine tasks, I see no problem with Emergency services billing for the service. sounds like the chamber is supporting a business that is being subsidized by tax payers....


Seems odd to me that the other businesses in McMinnville aren't more upset at the idea of being asked to subsidize emergency calls (nearly 40% of ALL calls, according to the fire chief) for just a handfull of their fellow local businesses, most owned by large out of state corporations. Who is the Chamber supposed to support -- shouldn't it be focused on being concerned with the wellbeing of our smaller, local businesses, whose business could find itself at risk if our limited emergency services are out picking up a person who fell and unable to respond to an actual emergency at their location instead?


PS - I asked the County Clerk this morning, because I was curious. The cost of this special election on November 5, 2019 will be between $60,000 - $80,000 and the City of McMinnville will have to pay for it because no other local district had a question to put on the ballot. That seems like pretty relevant information to add to your story, News Register...

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