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Budget committee slashes HHS fund to bolster others

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Maybe that tax break given to Hampton Lumber wasn’t such a good idea after all!
I believe Mr. Wharff estimated the tax benefits to Hampton at $12-$15 million over 15 years.


Yes, but think of how much we'll all save on buying a sheet of plywood from Lowes?


This current crop of commissioners are an abomination. We have a chance to vote out at least one of these lousy "public servants" (who don't seem to actually care to serve the public, but only their cronies) in a few weeks. Hopefully, more intelligent minds will prevail in this election.


Isn’t it interesting that political allies get raises while political foes get ignored, have wages frozen (again) or get their position cut?..coincidence ? I think not….


Most of these fossils would never survive in the private sector, where they would have to demonstrate some actual accountability. For the sake of Yamhill County and its reputation they are deliberately destroying with their blind arrogance and transparent biases, they must go. Anywhere else but here. And take their crony pals with them.


Be sure to VOTE this month.


Just got the notice my ballot is on the way! Make sure everyone you knows votes! It is past time to put an end to the BS commissioners. Even if it is only one at a time.


Interesting that LB recused herself from the decision to cut funding to HHS and fire Carrie Martin. Very strategic! Voters aren’t stupid. We can absolutely put the pieces together to see that she was pulling strings behind the scenes to sabotage both HHS and Carrie Martin. LB has been gunning for both of them for some time. Interesting that Huffer requested NOT to hire a 2nd deputy administrator, but the budget committee is opting to invest money they say they don’t have in this extra position. Agree with “tagup” that the tax break to Hampton has added to the deficit. Also interesting not to let Lindsay Manfrin speak about the impact of a $615,000 cut to the HHS budget. Does anyone know who is on the county budget committee besides the three commissioners, Jason Fields and Greg Thorsgard? And were any of the lay people on the committee appointed by either Berschauer or Starrett? (meaning… are they in Berschauer’s and Starrett’s back pocket?) Seems like these two have county government in a choke hold. I know who I’m voting for in a few weeks!


Maybe if we had the money paid to defend he frivolous gun ordinance or the tax breaks given to Hampton Lumber the county would be in better financial shape? Using this to gut county HHS and fire opponents looks pretty heinous too.


There are so many issues with all this, its hard to know where to begin. Quid Pro Quo is alive and well. Public budgeting is pretty simple actually. Most all the revenue and expenses are predictable. In other words, money problems only result through a lack of preventative action. The Commissioners and County Administrator didn't manage. If there's actually a money issue. Further, these supposedly conservative commissioners now want to bloat county administration even further by adding a second deputy county administrator. I can't find another county in Oregon that has two deputy county administrators. In fact, you have to get up to Washington County (5 times the size of Yamhill County) to even find one that even has ONE deputy county administrator. Look back over the past ten years and you'll see that the cost of administrative overhead has exploded in Yamhill County. A clear sign that the very top are NOT doing their jobs. In the meantime, get rid of the Grant Coordinator - the very person that could bring in more revenue to the county. It's time to end the dumpster fire. Yamhill County is an absolute mess. It has been on this path for 20 years. Campaign signs do not qualify someone to be a good leader - obviously!


2/3 of $1mm sounds retaliatory. IMO the commissioners never wanted a rehabilitative drug policy to succeed so they sabotaged it by denying HHS money to be successful. Now they don't want people to be healthy, to get mental health care, etc. There's room for HHS to cut back, especially with child welfare services (because it has exceeded its purpose).

Like Trump, Beschauer and Starrett appear to not care about the welfare of taxpayers in this county (who pay their salaries). They care about agendae from special interests and other counties and the MAGA far-right.

Maybe Berchauer has bigger ambitions? Senator? Representative? Well, she doesn't represent us now, so I'm hoping that goal is not on her horizon.

Moreover, Beschauer is like Janus: two-faced. During the debate with Bubba she implied she has a high regard for our public health officials. Then she does this sort of thing.

Who is the REAL Berschauer?


Wow. Could not be more disappointed in the commissioner’s decisions. Absolutely terrible. Can’t wait to vote at least one of them out this month.


Axing the grant writer? They are the arteries of an organization through which blood flows. In the real world, not in our (apparently) poverty-stricken Yamhill County, grant writers are well-paid. The "Two Women" IMO need to take a second look at their decision and rehire the grant writer.


BTW, N-R, GREAT placement for Bubba's ad next to this column online!


The ad department places the ads without having any idea where any particular story will end up running. The news department places the stories without having any idea where any particular ad will end up running. It just dummies around spaces reserved for ads of totally unknown nature.
It's a 100% double-blind process. It's designed that way to avoid any potential for either favoritism or perceived favoritism.


Recently, Berschauer posted on her FB page about how her competitors supposedly vandalized one of her campaign signs - ignoring the likelihood that it was probably some teens with a spray can. She spun it into the victim role as always. So then today in the mail comes a Berschauer flyer with a photo of Bubba very obviously altered in an offensive and highly negative way. No surprise here. So I guess what was so wrong a week or two ago is now ok for her to do? That's the way she rolls.


Administration of the health and human services department should be given over to the state with policy input from the health board and the county just assessed a tax to contribute funding. Most of the funding comes from the state anyway. Healthcare should not be ideological or political. What next, invite the religious group here that doesn't allow healthcare for its members? Think of the money that will not be necessary for their healthcare?


3 reasons you should NOT vote for Lindsay B. for county commissioner:
1. Lindsay's campaign is funded by the George Family, owners of one of the largest hazelnut processing companies in the country. Nothing wrong with that. Where it becomes very, very wrong is when she represents only the big money that helped get her get elected and blatantly ignores the wishes of the citizen majority.
2. Here's one example of how Lindsay serves her wealthy farmer campaign supporters and ignores pure and simple betterment for citizens: In 2020 Lindsay killed the Yamhelas Westsider Trail, even though construction had already begun and it meant returning hefty private donations and a $1.5 million grant to the state. She killed it because her farmer supporters are against having regular people (ugh!) sully "their" lovely county. She killed it even though an online petition in June of 2021 gathered more than 3,200 signatures in favor of the trail.
3. Lindsay appointed six candidates with jaw-dropping conflicts of and lack of qualifications to the county parks advisory board. One of them is her husband. One of them is Celine McCarthy. McCarthy and her husband, Greg, who was convicted in federal court last year of financial fraud, were among the largest campaign finance donors to Lindsay.
4. There are many more examples of this politician's wily undertakings. You'll find them in Mac's News-Register newspaper. Keep informed. Everybody rise up and vote for Bubba King.

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