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Boquist's case against colleagues dismissed

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Christmas has Talons

Shisters ruling for shisters.

David S. Wall

Senator Boquist should consider staying as-far-away-as-possible from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, colloquially (and correctly) referred to as the "Nutty-Ninth."

Provided below is pertinent information so the readership can form their own opinions.

Senate Committee on Conduct Meeting Agenda:

Senate Special Committee on Conduct Testimony Concerning Senator Boquist:

In my opinion, [HB 2020 B] is an abomination; a severely dishonest prejudicial taxing mechanism which will do absolutely nothing to "save the planet."

If passed into law, [HB 2020 B] will destroy; Oregon's Technology / Service Economies, the Resource Economies (Agriculture, Forrest, Timber products and Fisheries) and everybody else.

In other words, be prepared to experience total economic Armageddon.

The readership is entitled to make their own informed decision concerning [HB 2020 B] with the information below.

Text: [HB 2020 B] (Read the text thoroughly.)



Do you want to "Save-the-Planet?

Elect people who will vigorously and mercilessly tighten and defend Land Use Laws, and initiate ZERO WASTE programs for starters.

Plant Trees....lots of them.

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Nice word choice, "Shister."

I agree with its use and application.

David S. Wall


Except it's spelled shyster.

David S. Wall

"Shister" is a word.

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