By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Berschauer threatens to sue recall organizers

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Good on her. I hope that she wins.


Whomever smelt it, dealt it....and SYC has a giant can of Glade at the ready. VOTE YES!


She certainly knows her lawsuits.


Berschauer is doing nothing for Yamhill county except spreading her unique brand of toxicity and wasting taxpayer dollars. It's time for her to leave whether she wants to go or not.

Tyler C

I for one cannot wait to vote YES to recall Berschauer. The sooner we get her away from government, the sooner we can start focusing on helping the county instead of these goofy culture war battles she is obsessed with.

Joel R

And the middle school food fight in the cafeteria goes on.....


Just wondering why the money spent by Timber Unity to get the info for Lindsay to use is not listed as a campaign contribution? Lindsay sits on the Timber Unity board, and was the beneficiary of the ‘work’ they did.


I'm voting to recall her because, of this attempt to intimidate people who do not care for her politics!!


Ignore the troll, defy the intimidation, VOTE YES!


Ha! My vote is yes!!!


Suing someone for defamation isn't risk free. If the suit is found to be frivolous, she might end up paying all of the legal fees involved.

A winery owner running for state rep found that out the hard way.


Unlikely that she has much skin in the game.....timber unity & the farmer group will foot the bill.


We dropped our ballot today. It’s a. Y E S.


I'm voting YES and I hope I don't get sued for it!

Erin C.

Real classy. Why care about the will of Yamhill voters when you can just pull in some high priced out of county lawyers on Timber Unity's dime to SUE anyone who disagrees with you. Slimy. VOTE YES. RECALL BERSCHAUER.


Vote No FJB


Count me in to get her out.


YES votes for me! It was one of the easiest decisions I've made lately. Aside from all her shenanigans, it would be nice to have a group of commissioners who respect each other and work together for the common good of our county instead of focusing on things they have no control over. And instead of tearing people down. (Casey... you're a good man. So sorry to see you go)


The sense of entitlement Berschauer has is astounding. remember the flyer her campaign sent out smearing Boyer? The way her supporters (and her lawyer, quite possibly her) vilified the county counsel and filed a frivolous ethics complaint? The list goes on. My ballot is in and it is a definitive "YES". Enough of these shenanigans, we need a real commissioner in that chair, not a self entitled seat warmer.


I second most of the comments above. Just delivered my YES vote to the ballot box, easiest decision ever for me too.! Re Casey Kulla, he has been the lone voice of sanity and ethical governance as he has battled the madness to represent the citizens of Yamhill County. We owe him a profound continuing debt of gratitude.

So now we wait. Will the big money that bought the last election prevail again? If all the letters and comments and recent revelations are any indication, there is great cause for hope.


As Molly Bloom said, "Yes Yes Yes Yes!"


My yes vote is in, this is beyond ridiculous.


Vote Yes! FDT. See, isn't it fun to have your own 'secret' codes. LGB, FJB- it's like the playground at recess.


A big YES on my ballot! No more slimeball tactics in our County leadership.


Three yes votes from my house. Lindsay can take her lawsuits elsewhere.