By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

A-dec feud settled by split

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Poor Ken and Joan Austin's legacy is now tarnished after a well publicized fight for control of their years of effort. I don't know who is the victim in all this?Or if there is one??

Jeb Bladine


There won't likely be much commentary here, or elsewhere, about this complicated story. I'd just say that rather than tarnishing their legacy, this is sideline story resolved in favor of continued Austin family oversight of that legacy.

Ken and Joan's legacy was, and is, having built a quality global business while being great citizens to their community and state.

It's always difficult to maintain a family business through generations, and particular at the scale of A-dec operations. It's great to see Scott and Lori Parrish, together with others of the Austin family, taking that legacy forward.