Merry Ann Best 1954 - 2023

Merry Ann Best, age 69, courageously passed away on November 20, 2023, supported by loved ones, at her home in Dayton, Oregon. Amid a brief battle with cancer, she chose to spend her final days on her cherished farm, placing her faith in a higher power for guidance to the afterlife.

Merry Ann Schindler, born April 8, 1954, in McMinnville, Oregon, to Henry Carl Schindler and Eleanor Ann Schindler, embodied love, resilience and kindness, leaving an indelible mark on all she encountered.

Recognized for her unwavering kindness and generosity, Merry touched countless lives as a cherished wife, mother and friend. Her compassion extended to all living things. Agricultural workers had a special place in her heart, and one of the last memories she shared was of her mother making lunch to ensure all the workers who worked in the family cherry orchards weren't hungry. She'll be dearly missed for her radiant kindness, resilience in adversity, and the warmth she shared with everyone.

In her free time, she delighted in playing with animals, assisting on the farm, and connecting with others through the joy of sharing life stories. She also aspired to work in the textile industry and dabbled in music via the harmonica, drums and clarinet.

Merry is survived by her stalwart spouse, Jim Boyette Best; her son, James Lee Best; and grandchildren, Kaine Lee Best, Ayla C. Best, and Alexander Chandler. She is also survived by her dear sister, Jannie Sledge; and cherished cousins, Linda Lamb and Dan Schindler, and Gary and Leroy Barfknect; as well as niece, Lori Sledge; and nephew, Jeffrey Schindler. Merry Ann was preceded in death by her parents, Henry and Eleanor Schindler; and her brother, Ronald G. Schindler.

A celebration of Merry's life will be held at 1 p.m. November 29, at the Chapel of Macy & Son in McMinnville.

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