Roelie Goddik 1936 - 2022

June 2nd, 1936, Anna and Ove Hansen welcomed a baby girl
On their small farm in Denmark, Roelie’s life began to unfurl
An older and younger brother made the family complete
Siblings with which to explore, work and compete
Growing up with cows, pigs, chickens, oh my
But horses were the favorite by far
Work horses, Hanni and Boy, went from field to show
Representing Denmark against Sweden they were good to go
An accomplished equestrian throughout her days
Roelie continued riding well into her eighth decade
A summer was spent in Switzerland making hay for the cows
Trips to Friesland to visit family, still more cows!
After seven years of school, to an office Roelie went
But that was not the life she was meant to spend
Instead, rural life beckoned, and she trained at culinary school
Learning how to cook for a crowd and the household to rule
That was just who Johannes needed as a new, young farmer
He asked his neighbor’s daughter to help, promising not to harm her
Instead, seventeen days later an engagement; after three months the wedding
Together they forged the path they were heading
They worked long, hard days and success did not come light
Taking turns driving tractor as they worked through the night
Two boys soon followed, then another boy and a girl
Life was full and busy, it was all a whirl
Then tragedy struck and time stood still
Son, Peter, died and left a void to fill
Another daughter was born and life became less of a fight
Still the sorrow was carried, a prayer whispered each night
Roelie’s caring came easy and soothed many a soul
Their home was a refuge without judgement or scold
The door always open, plenty of food to feed one more
Kindness to others was ingrained at the core
Speaking Danish, English, German, Frisian or Dutch
Greeting visitors in their native tongue, a welcoming touch
Roelie’s cultural side was nurtured and fulfilling
With community theater, lecture series and always lots of singing
Songs were created and shared for every occasion
Perhaps a birthday, a wedding or maybe graduation
A gifted writer, though a passion never fully pursued
She penned articles to the paper that were eagerly perused
Then in ’84 the move to Oregon, to a new farm, a new start
And Roelie participated with all her heart
Master gardener, garden club, Unity club, Women for Ag and more
New connections, friendships and lives came to the fore
A woman of deep quiet faith, her life one of service to Christ
Many roles in the church, to each she brought light
At church each new member was invited home for a meal
To meet other members and a warm welcome to feel
Roelie loved the farm by the river with a view of Mt. Hood
Dinners by the Willamette, enjoying wildlife, a peaceful mood
With Johannes she traveled to many a foreign shore
But eagerly returned to her family whom she did adore
Roelie loved her grandkids and visits were spent
Kneading dough, eating bread and enjoying the scent
Many a book was read while sitting in her lap
Together exploring what their lives might have on tap
Married early but over sixty-six years it endured
Celebrated with flowers each month as their love matured
It all came to an end on August 6th in the morn,
As Roelie quietly slipped away, leaving us to mourn

Roelie will be missed forever by her husband, Johannes; their four children and their families.
Please join us for a Celebration of Life at 2 p.m. Saturday, September 10, at McMinnville Cooperative Ministries.

In lieu of flowers, any donations may be directed to the scholarship fund of Yamhill County Women for Agriculture, P.O. Box 101, Dayton, OR 97114. To leave condolences, please visit


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