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Jeb Bladine: Beginning journey to ‘digital balance’

People with poor eating habits might read the same books, try the same diets and talk with others about their quests for more energy and better health.

Support group dynamics are all-important in AA programs supporting people who can say, “Hello, my name is _____, and I’m an alcoholic.”


Jeb Bladine is president and publisher of the News-Register.

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Many people, on their own, tackle troubles with weight, smoking, gambling and other problem habits, but sometimes, it’s easier with encouragement from others who face or have overcome similar challenges.

One of those life challenges is achieving what many call “digital balance.”

I know people are interested in issues of digital balance, and maybe one or two others might join my six-month exploration of those issues. I don’t mind taking that journey alone via “notes to self,” but company is always welcome.

Actually, I don’t do digital games or social media — my digital surpluses mostly involve email, texting and Internet research. But I’ve also experienced, up close, the demise of newspaper business models as advertising and important information left print and migrated to social media and the Internet.

So, consider this an invitation to learn more about the use and misuse of digital tools for communications and entertainment and influence. The gathering place — ironically enough — is on the Internet!

You can find a makeshift blog page on the News-Register website at this address:

Anyone can read the blog content and reader comments, but only N-R readers are being told the online address. I’ll be priming the blog pump, then looking to reader comments and outside sources for ideas.

Some of those ideas will appear in occasional columns on this space over the next six months, and be linked on the blog website page. Look for content to range from appreciation for digital capabilities and conveniences to warnings about dangerous digital dark sides.

Here’s the online blog introduction:

“Do you have any digital addictions? How about family and friends? Do you ever see too much attention being diverted into the worlds of telecommunications, computers, cell phones, digital games or social media?

“This is a place for considering ways to ‘unplug’ from those diversions. Not completely, but at least partially; not alone, but with a little bit of information, help and encouragement from others.

“Readers can browse the brief posts and links to outside articles … post comments you think might benefit others ... and tell about ideas, goals, plans, failures and success stories from pursuits for digital balance.”

If interested, see you there.

Jeb Bladine can be reached at or 503-687-1223.


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