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Anna Scharf appointed to Dist. 23 seat

Amity Republican Anna Scharf was the clear favorite, receiving 9 of 11 votes, as Dist. 23 county commissioners appointed her Tuesday to complete the term of former legislator Mike Nearman.

In an Oregon first, the Oregon House voted 59-1 last month, Nearman dissenting, to expel the Independence Republican.

Lawmakers removed Nearman because he let far-right demonstrators, some of whom were armed, into the Capitol on Dec. 21 while lawmakers were holding a special session. The Capitol was closed to the public and remains closed.

Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett voted for Nearman in the meeting held in Dallas, county seat of Polk County, one of four counties that make up Dist. 23.

Among those voting for Scharf, who served as Nearman's aide, were Yamhill commissioners Lindsey Berschauer and Casey Kulla.

One vote for John Swanson came from Benton County Commissioer Zan Augerot.

Also considered were Jim Bunn, a former state senator and one-term U.S. Representative, and former Dallas city councilor Micky Garus.

Berschauer said, "Anna has the depth of experience, has navigated the difficult realities of the district, has the support of large grassroots groups and will work hard to keep conservative control." She added that "the ag community has weighed in that Anna will serve them well."

Kulla said Scharf is the applicant "most capable of dealing with things with right away and I have confidence in stepping in right away."

Starrett cited "overhelming support" for Nearman from the District Republican party. "What I want to be is not one of those people who took the voice away from the people. If you don't like what Mike did, then recall him, or don’t vote for him. It’s not our decision. I’m voting for Mike Nearman," she said.

Nearman's place in the public eye is not finished; he faces misdemeanor charges for his actions at the State Capitol.



Don't sell the farm, Anna.


If Starrett's vote for Nearman doesn't say it all I don't know what would. At the very least it is an anti-Yamhill County vote. Scharf knows Yamhill well.


Her vote is merely another spineless appeasement to the fringe and another black-eye for the reputation of Yamhill county.


Starrett needs to be gone, and the sooner the better. How in the world can she possibly think it is a correct thing to vote in favor of reinstating someone whom the Oregon House voted 59 - 1 to expel (BTW, the one opposing vote was Nearman himself). Its obvious the evidence was overwhelming. She voted for a crook to represent us. She needs to be gone!


Anna Scharf has put her time in behind the scenes and will be an excellent replacement. Don't mess with her either. She is one tough cookie that has and will continue to hold the state accountable. She's a business woman, an agriculture ambassador as well as a voice of reason. She will represent- not dictate. She will listen to her constituents. Tagup you obviously have never met Anna.. You calling her spineless is just hilarious. if you only knew.....

tagup comment was referring to our county commissioner’s vote in support of Nearman....not Ms you find that hilarious too?


Starrett has no interest in representing the voters of Yamhill county, she needs to go.


Tagup, your original statement was ambiguous without a clear definition of who "her" is, and could be construed as "the fringe" being the woke crowd. As such, it would have been correct.


That’s why I clarified it...

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