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Power restored to all Yamhill County PGE customers; still 1,080 outages, mostly in Marion County

Rusty Rae/News-Register##

Roadside weeds frozen by the ice storm Friday night and Saturday morning frame filbert trees along Peavine Road.
Rusty Rae/News-Register## Roadside weeds frozen by the ice storm Friday night and Saturday morning frame filbert trees along Peavine Road.

Update:  Yamhill County power outages all have been restored , and Thursday morning reports from Portland General Electric show 1,080 outages throughout the PGE service area. About 850 of those outages surround Salem in Marion County.

All Yamhill County residents have power restored by Portland General  Electric. The PGE report Thursday morning showed no outages where once more than 7,000 YC customers had lost power following regional snow-ice storms.

PGE maintains two different “power outage” maps online, with different update timelines and significant variance in identification of outage-areas.

PGE still showed 837 power outages in Marion County, surrounding Salem. The Thursday report listed 213 outages in Clackamas County and 30 in Multnomah County, including people without power since Feb. 12.

Areas hardest hit by the regional ice/snow storm, according to PGE, included Silverton and outlying areas; the Gladstone, Milwaukie and Sellwood areas; residents in Oregon City, Canby, Woodburn and Sublimity; the Beavercreek and West Linn areas; and areas of Marion County.

Early on, the utility that reported there were 15 transmission lines, 7 substations and 106 feeders out of service, with 4,408 wires down and 206 miles of transmission lines to be repaired and 3,000 people working on power restoration projects.

PGE faced power outages in every zip code of a service area stretching from south of Salem to the Columbia River and from Grand Ronde to Mt. Hood. The highest outage numbers came from Clackamas, Multnomah, Marion and Washington counties.

PGE maintains outage maps, reporting instructions, notification call-backs and other information on its website at The PGE outages map, updated every 10 minutes, is found at PGE's call-in number is 800-544-1795.

For updated PGE information online, see 



Thank you Mac Water & Light for your consistent and fair service.


If you think this is bad, do nothing to prepare for the impending Cascadia subduction even. PGR, Mac Power et all are not ever going to come.


In addition, Oldeee, the fire department, police and hospital will not be available in a major Cascadia temblor. One thing to do is to put an automatic shutoff on your natural gas line, if you have NG. Otherwise your home burns down. I believe such a device is required in California. Best $100 I have ever spent on "insurance."
In addition, never let your auto's gas tank get below half full. No electricity means no power for fuel pumps.


PGE is not telling customers anything helpful. We are less than a mile outside the McMinnville city limits and have been out for over a week.
We are in the Mac Water and light area shown on the Oregon Energy map.
But on PGE Power. They had a crew within a half mile of our road on Thursday night but didn't restore our road with over 26 homes. PGE says our road is on the lists but says they don't have any idea when it will be restored. They have a canned speech and refuse to give any details.

Jeb Bladine


I've watched your area all week on the PGE map, but have been unable to report details with any confidence. Are you north of McMinnville, or East/Southeast of McMinnville?

One PGE map has a flag showing 83 outages in zip code 97128; however, the other map indicates there are no outages in the area of that flag on Map #1. That's frustrating to us, but nothing compared to the frustration of someone now in Week 2 of outage. Today, the outages South/Southeast of Mac -- from Eola, circling the airport, including Amity, Dayton and on to the northeast -- are grouped in areas titled Amity or Newberg, and all in PGE's "up to 7 days" category for restoration. Maybe you could let us know more closely where you live.

Also of public interest is whether any kind of local public or private sector outreach is getting to people in areas still experiencing power outages after nine days and counting. Or, is everyone just on their own?

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