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Wednesday lecture looks at microbes in vineyard

Jeremy Weisz, associate professor and chair of biology at Linfield University, will present “Microbial Terroir: A Sense of Place for Microbes in the Vineyard” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Members of the public can watch the Zoom meeting. Pre-registration is required at

Weisz said all attributes of a vineyard that make a wine unique are referred to as “terroir,” or the sense of place in a wine.

Microbes are among those attributes. The bacteria and fungi living on and around wine grapes make up the microbial terroir of the vineyard, he said.

Weisz will share the results of several years of research on microbial terroir in the Willamette Valley, examining how geography and viticulture combine to give a vineyard a unique sense of place.

Weisz has been a member of the Linfield faculty since 2010. He has been studying microbiomes on wine grapes since 2014, including a recent project on the impact of farming practices on grape microbiomes funded by the Oregon Wine Board.

The presentation is sponsored by Linfield’s Office of Academic Affairs. For additional information, contact 503-883-2224.


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