Vote for Brittany Ruiz, McMinnville City Council Ward 2

As a proud Hispanic business owner and McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce member, I am endorsing my wife, Brittany Ruiz for City Council.

McMinnville has been home for nearly 6 years.  Our family loves this City and community. We frequent many local businesses and non-profits—going above and beyond by helping minority families caught up in the foster care system.

Sadly, my family has been attacked because of our faith. Hurtful and disparaging comments have been made by members of the very community we love and serve. Incidentally these are from individuals whom have never had the decency to introduce themselves or reach out to me for a conversation. This is cowardly and un-American as this nation was founded on religious freedom.

The spreading of salacious unfounded rumors from a discredited/dismissed source is well beneath the dignity of the citizens of McMinnville. Incredibly, the reporter didn’t contact me to comment on a full-page piece about me and my family. Now I am having to pay the newspaper to print this.

I feel it’s important to set the record straight: my ex-wife is NOT missing and is doing just fine. In fact, our families still keep in touch. And just because an extremely bigoted blogger is hoping for 15 minutes of fame, does not make it acceptable to regurgitate outright lies. Clearly, that’s not how news media is supposed to work and violates ethical journalistic standards.

While I am supremely disappointed, I strongly believe there are good people in McMinnville that will stand up against religious and ethnic bigotry and persecution.

Submitted by and paid for by Javier Ruiz, McMinnville

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