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McMinnville, Amity, YC schools delayed until Tuesday; Newberg until Sept. 21

Updated with Sheridan school closure)

Sheridan School District remains closed today, Sept. 15, because of poor air quality.

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(Updated with Newberg schools delay to Sept. 21)

Newberg School District has delayed the first full day of class until Monday, Sept. 21, citing poor air quality. 

"Forecasts don’t show significant air quality improvement until Wednesday. ... The rest of this week will be a “soft start," the district said.

"We will be making connections with students and families and distributing technology and learning materials to all students, since the fires and hazardous air quality have continued to delay many of those scheduled events," the district said.

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McMinnville School District students will start classes Tuesday, rather than Monday, because of the continuing poor air quality caused by wildfires.

The Amity and Yamhill-Carlton School District also will be closed Monday.

In both districts, students will begin the year with comprehensive distance learning. McMinnville teachers have a choice of teaching from home or from their classrooms.

Bear Hugs will be closed Monday. The child care center, located at McMinnville High School, will open Tuesday.

McMinnville's school lunch delivery program will be delayed, as well. District officials said they will not open for a few days so students and staff will not have to spend extended time outside to access the meals.

Originally, the McMinnville district planned to open Sept. 8, the traditional day after Labor Day. The start was moved back a week to allow teachers more time for training.



What difference does the air quality make if the students are home and they teachers can teach from home or school?


allegedly the teachers needed an additional day to prepare for instruction at home. the pansies are plenty and beautiful this time of the year.

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