Letters to the Editor: July 17, 2020

A real stunner

On July 9, The Oregonian ran an opinion piece from The Washington Post headlined, “Mischaracterization of speech is not an anomaly.” It was a real stunner coming from such liberal papers as The Post and Oregonian.

Columnist Marc Thiessen wrote how the national press, including The New York Times, totally mischaracterized President Trump’s July 3 speech from Mount Rushmore.

After reading the coverage, he said, he watched a replay and found none of the reports were true. He came to the conclusion, “Trump’s critics in the media have fallen in the insidious habit of taking his quotes criticizing the hordes who burn buildings and tear down statues and reporting them as criticism of racial justice protesters.”

This is dishonest. As Thiessen warned, “If celebrating and defending our founding principles on the Fourth of July is ‘dark and divisive,’ then that tells us less about Trump than the sad state of our country.”

It would be nice if the News-Register could be as occasionally magnanimous as The Post and Oregonian.

Bob & Donna Lunt


Morally bankrupt

By any measure, we now find ourselves living through the worst presidency in the history of this country. Yes, worse than Nixon’s and even Buchanan’s, given the trajectory of death and destruction for the U.S.

Let’s review events just since January:

Professional military and diplomatic personnel testified to the president’s betrayal to Russia of the Ukraine and U.S. interests; he was impeached by the House, based on clear and overwhelming evidence of guilt in the matter; he grossly abused the power of pardon to cover up that betrayal, as the latest Stone commutation illustrates; he did nothing about Russia putting bounties on the lives of U.S. military personnel; he doubled down on making racism the center of his re-election campaign; he used excessive force in removing peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square for a photo op with a book he’s never read in front of a church he never attends; he continues to behave with willful incompetence and malice in the handling of the pandemic, spreading misinformation that has had lethal consequences, even to the point of staging rallies; he withdrew from the World Health Organization, which helps coordinate responses to pandemics; and he plays hapless bystander even as the American economy crashes, yet manages to tweet infinitely.

Obviously, his response to the COVID and economic crises is the worst of these.

Indeed, his continuing COVID response is, by any measure, a crime against humanity. Were we signatories to the International Criminal Court, we would have the option of extraditing him to The Hague for trial.

COVID’s health impact, visiting long-term damage on the body, will alone cost this country an untold economic and human sum going forward. In your children’s lifetime, this country will not recover from the moral crime of rewarding a deranged sadist and his ethically nihilistic party with public office.

Steve Rutledge



The village idiot

I don’t understand. What’s so hard, humiliating or unfair about wearing a mask? I really don’t get it.

All of the science says wearing a mask while inside public buildings or in close proximity to others while outdoors will help slow this virus. That is really the only defense we have.

We are all in this together. If we all do our part, such a small part, we can probably slow this virus in our area. If we don’t do our part, jobs will be lost, businesses and schools will stay closed, sports and large gatherings will be canceled.

If you think a mask makes you look silly, messes up your hair, fogs your glasses, smears your makeup or steps on your rights as a proud American, you’re wrong. It doesn’t.

Most people are wearing masks.

When they see someone without a mask, they are not thinking: “Boy, that person is really macho. What beautiful hair. What a great American.” What they’re really thinking is, “village idiot.”

Please wear a mask!

Cliff Probasco


Meth peddler woes

Poor Mr. Stirling. He wants out of federal prison.

It’s dangerous for him. He might catch the COVID virus.

I wonder if poor Mr. Stirling thinks about the lives he would have endangered when he was hauling 28 seven-gallon jugs of  liquid meth to distribute.
I hope the authorities let him sit where he is — at FCI Sheridan. He doesn’t deserve special treatment.

Eleanor Fuhrer



Change the culture

The #MeToo movement has come to Linfield University. As a Class of 2020 alumna of the institution, I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Nearly 3,000 students, alumni, faculty, and staff have signed a petition calling for David Baca’s resignation from his position as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Baca’s use of his influence and power to cover up multiple board members’ sexual misconduct is disgusting. If he will not step up and take responsibility for perpetuating the deep and festering rape culture at Linfield, then he is not deserving of holding the institution’s most powerful position.

Beyond Mr. Baca’s resignation, we must completely uproot the systemic culture at Linfield that protects perpetrators and shames survivors. Linfield needs to do better at providing resources that make survivors more willing to report incidents of sexual misconduct.

The College of New Jersey recently implemented a survivor-centric program of restorative justice that allows survivors to decide what they need to heal from their trauma and encourages perpetrators to learn how their actions have affected others. This could mean that a survivor gets to share a personal statement with the perpetrator, can ask that the perpetrator complete a course on alcohol education, or meet regularly with the school’s Title IX coordinator.

This program is not punitive in any way, but rather focuses on education of the accused party and healing for the survivor. In so doing, rape culture can be deconstructed bit by bit.

The new university should be looking for barrier-breaking ways to deal with sexual misconduct among its students and its administrators. This would be a much more effective form of rebranding than a name-change.

Maddie Brunkhart



Don Dix

Bob & Donna Lunt -- you are correct. There are many that still have their panties in a bunch since Hillary lost, and the liberal faction in the House has done nothing but attempt to remove Trump from office since. There was no such reaction when the 15 other presidential campaign visits to Rushmore occurred. If nothing else, the left has chosen to 'selectively bitch' about anything related to Trump, and the media has been complicit.

It is believed when one cannot be a good loser, they just become a loser. Not a worthy characteristic, wouldn't you say?


As of Feb, there were 398 bills that had passed the house that the Senate has not brought for a vote....


Very interesting…..an opinion that opposition to Trump is because a bunch of sore losers can’t get over the HRC loss? (Coincidentally{?} I have heard that exact line of “reasoning” from a popular flame-thrower on the Fox so-called news network.) In 2016 we had the choice between a glass of iced swamp water and a hot cup of snake venom. My ongoing desire that Trump be removed from office has nothing to do with a thirst for swamp water, and EVERYTHING to do with the way the snake venom has poisoned – continues to poison - America. It is extremely ironic and hypocritical that the media gets called out for criticizing corruption and maladministration. That is the JOB of a free press. It seems some of the Trump faithful are outraged because most journalists (with the glaring exception of Fox) refuse to fabricate positive stories and turn a blind eye to reality. That demand for “let’s pretend” constitutes the epitome of fake news, and is the gateway to authoritarianism.

Since some continue to criticize the N/R for the alleged absence of “conservative commentary,” would those same folks praise the paper if they had published conservative columnist Marc Thiessen’s column last week? (It was a thoughtful logical criticism of the ways Trump is trying to demonize Joe Biden.)

Once again I will go on record with appreciation for the informative and factual reporting I read in this newspaper. Divergent points of view are well-represented in the weekly letters to the editor section as well as the open forum for comments. Opinion pieces are always accurately identified as such. Lighten up critics, debate is healthy and productive, whining is not.

I read an article recently about a House Bill titled “Local Journalism Sustainability Act.” Hope springs eternal.

Don Dix

tagup -- According to Gallop, Congress has an approval rating of 24%. A national cross-section of sentiment says Congress isn't doing it's job at all (72% disapproval rating).

And to denigrate only one of sixteen presidents that have visited Rushmore is a telling reversal of fair reporting.


No doubt that Congress is dysfunctional but your statement that “the liberal faction of the house has done nothing but attempt to remove trump” is inaccurate when nearly 400 bills from the house are not even brought to the republican held senate floor....the current fiasco/ failure with the CARES extension is certainly not a “liberal” problem
( the house passed a bill months ago)....Glad the Senate adjourned ( thanks Mitch)...obviously the tens of millions of Americans out of work aren’t a high priority

Don Dix

tagup -- a $600/week addition to monthly unemployment checks is asinine! Many workers don't make $2400/month at their job. The incentive to go back to work is non-existent as long as free money keeps rolling in.

As for Congress, many of those 'waiting' house bills are partisan to the Ds, so the expectation of finding hearings in the senate is minimal. And the 'delay' is kinda' like Pelosi held on to the impeachment papers back in Dec., right? It's all about timing to produce the most attention -- and some of world's biggest drama queens and attention whores are members of Congress -- sickening to think they are our representatives and make our laws!

The senate did adjourn, that's BS! No way should any form of government take any time off now! They have 200 days off per year, and do very little while on the job, except play victim when things don't go their way. Term limits, not only might create the most efficient congress since inception, but take away the pampered lifestyle so many members have a death grip on, in my opinion


Don, I too am not a big fan of the additional $600/ week but I don’t think the disincentive to return to work is as important as the continued boost it (and the $1200 payment) gives to the economy. The moratorium on eviction is now also gone.
Economists and the fed agree that more needs to be done to keep the economy from tanking worse than it is....The virus is still out of control and business as usual is a long way off in my view. Oh what the hell...let’s adjourn and take a 3 day weekend....:(


Oh....and I’m with you on term limits....


Yeah, it’s all about panty bunching...how on earth could anyone castigate such a fine and brilliant leader such as our president? How could one not be mesmerized by his otherworldly acumen and profound grace? Oh, maybe it’s the other jug of koolaid....

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