Letters to the editor: Dec. 27, 2019

Account fell badly short

As one of the organizers of the Defend Democracy protest held last week, I would like to set the record straight. The News-Register article does not accurately reflect either the turnout or the passion of the demand for Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal because the reporter did not arrive until after the protest had officially ended.

We began at 5:30 in the City Hall Plaza with 130 fellow citizens. Because the timing was determined at the last minute, 45 more neighbors who signed up to attend couldn’t make it.

This group was solemn as members read statements from our senators and congresswoman reflecting the gravity of the charges against the president and the seriousness of the act of impeachment. The importance of protecting our elections from foreign interference solicited by our own president drew us together on this cold, dark evening.

We then walked to Baker Street, where we filled both sides of the street between Second and Third. Most of the protestors brought signs and many of the signs were lit so they could be seen by passing cars.

We chanted with one voice, making our demand for impeachment and removal in defense of the Constitution clear to all who passed. Many of our passing neighbors honked their approval.

More than 200,000 people gathered in cities large and small across the country to stand up for the rule of law and the Constitution.

These protests and other actions will continue as Mitch McConnell and fellow Senate Republicans plan a rigged trial in collusion with the White House. All Americans deserve to see a full and fair trial where all of the fact witnesses testify under oath, and we will continue to demand that.

We hope to get fair and accurate reporting in the future.

Pat Magda



No place for climate deniers

With 11,000 scientists agreeing that global warming stems largely from fossil fuel greenhouse emissions, you’d think the News-Register would be more cautious in accepting fluff op-ed pieces [“State population growth: Slow and steady may not win the race” 12/20/19] from an organization (the Cascade Policy Institute) with ties to the Koch Brothers, American Legislative Council and other climate-change deniers.

The unfettered free market model, based on easily disproven neo-liberal economic theory, got the world into the climate crisis. Whether it be glacial melting, plastic pollution, income inequality, sea level rise or atmospheric CO2 increase, the root cause is an unchecked free market.

The world, nation, state, county and city each have an absolute carrying capacity. Unlimited growth tends to benefit only those at the top. It is impossible to sustain in the closed environmental system in which we all live.

We should not be engaged in an economic growth race. We should be engaged in a well-planned, community-supported race to maximum sustainability, resilience and creative adaptation.

All reputable climate scientists indicate we face a rapidly changing environment. The changes figure to include food shortages, rising temperatures, increased warfare, disease outbreaks and mass migration. And not far off in the future, but in your life and that of your children.

The recent climate change resolution presented to the city council by McMinnville High students represents a small step in that response. Past local efforts such as “Cool Mac” and “Mac Town 2030” were forward steps as well.

We need farsighted and creative political leadership to deal with the issue. That will help us mitigate the worst impacts. We cannot simply grow our way out of the problem.

Most of those who think otherwise are paid to be delusional. In the words of Upton Sinclair, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Patrick Evans



Doing our part

We often read about global warming or climate change, and frankly, I was confused about which term to use when.

I recently learned that global warming refers to the actual increase in the temperature of our atmosphere, oceans and land. Climate change refers to the resulting superstorms of rain, wind and snow, and the rampant wildfires that displace thousands of people around the globe.

Let’s all be aware of the effects of global warming. Let’s do our part to lower carbon emissions  by reducing purchases, reusing shopping and produce bags, clustering errands so we drive less, eating less meat, buying organic when we can, lowering the thermostat, getting food waste to a compost center instead of throwing it in the garbage, considering alternative energies for heating and cooling of air and water, and by recycling everything we can.

Here’s to a healthier future for our children, grandchildren and their children to come.

Linda Werner



Don Dix

Patrick Evans uses Upton Sinclair's quote -- “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

That definition fits government funded climate study like body paint!

Linda Werner -- check the reality of those claims (superstorms of rain, wind and snow, rampant wildfires).

Major hurricanes are less frequent the last five decades compared to the previous five. Tornados (EF3 - EF5) have shown no increase. And weren't we told young children would never know what snow is? Floods -- most major flooding happens to those who live in a flood plain -- brilliant!

Wildfires are such only because the environmentalists have successfully blocked any forest cleanup for decades -- dead-fall is main cause of wildfire intensity. Cal fire did a study of California's 2018 wildfires and found that 17 out of 21 were started by power lines or related faulty equipment. Accidents and carelesness started most of the remainder. That's nothing to do with anything climate.

One can believe what one wishes, but reality has proven the 'global warming, climate change, man is the cause' is all hat and no cowboy!


Pat Magda, How dare you protest in favor of "the rule of law"? Your love of the "rule of law" is extreme, uncaring and utterly lacking in compassion. We are a sanctuary city in a sanctuary county in a sanctuary state. We dont believe in the rule of law.

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