Robert "Buzz" Roy Bagley 1931 - 2019

Buzz was born September 18, 1931, in Granger, Wyoming, and passed December 2, 2019, in Prosser, Washington. He was the second son of Joseph and Hazel (Stewart) Bagley.

He always had stories about growing up in Wyoming, like the time he raised a coyote as a pet "dog" until it disappeared because someone mistook it for a "coyote," or the time he and his brother were 8 and 9, and would take food from the pantry to the trestle and share it with those riding the rails. Once, they decided to jump on the train with others, but were too scared to jump off. They rode from Green River to Rock Springs before the train slowed enough to jump off. The two boys started the 20 miles back, hitchhiking until picked up. They were so happy the man didn’t know their dad.

Buzz graduated from Kemmerer High School, then attended the University of Wyoming. He served in the U.S. Army, stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska. He married Kay Collver in 1957, and had three children. He worked as an accountant in Colorado and California before moving to Oregon to return outdoors as a rancher. He enjoyed writing short stories and gardening.

He is survived by his children, Jean Hill and Jeff Bagley; and by grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Washington, Oregon and California. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Linda Wiro.
Per his request, cremation has taken place, and his remains will be laid to rest near Green River, Wyoming.


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