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Oregon imposes temporary ban on some vaping products

Gov. Kate Brown
Gov. Kate Brown

SALEM - Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has ordered a temporary ban on the sale of flavored vaping products, as well as other sources or additives as they are identified in cases of vaping-related lung injury or death.

There have been two deaths in Oregon linked to vaping. Brown's move on Friday puts Oregon among several other states, including Washington, New York, Michigan and Rhode Island, in imposing temporary bans.

Nationwide, the number of vaping-related illnesses has surpassed 1,000, according to U.S. health officials.

Brown said her first priority is to safeguard the health of all Oregonians. She urged Oregonians to not use vaping products of any kind because of the risks.

Her Friday order calls for a 180-day ban and directs state agencies to develop legislative proposals for consideration by the Legislature.



When are they going to put it together, that its the THC juice that's doing it, not the flavored stuff!!!!!!


It's my understanding that the instructions for bootleg THC oils was the culprit. One recipe said to add some kind of fungicide. Many more people have died from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol...where is the ban on those products?


Ban vaping? What's the matter....has the state lost revenue because many people have been successful quitting analog cigarettes using the vaping method? Banning vaping will force people back onto cigarettes...maybe they want that so they don't lose the revenue from cig taxes???


I hope that some others feel the same BS that firearms owners are experiencing, and learn from it.


This ban is truly ridiculous. There are many small business owners that will go out of business. People will be forced to seek out the very bootleg/black market products that the ban is supposed to protect us from. Go figure.


Hysterical but no ban on smoking pot or cigs. Gotta love liberals.


Why does the nanny state give funds to drop in centers to do needle exchange but stop people from vaping? Either ban all intoxicants or ban none. A ban on wine and breweries too would be great. Thanks Kate!


Have you ever seen a government thing like this that stayed temporary?


actionjax - "Hysterical but no ban on smoking pot or cigs. Gotta love liberals."

Didn't Trump say he wanted to ban vaping? He must be a "liberal" too.

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