Rusty Rae/News-Register##
Two of the demonstrators with the largest sign wave to drivers passing   through the Third and Baker street intersection. A number of motorists honked in support of releasing the report on Mueller s investigation into Russian involvement  in U.S. elections.
Rusty Rae/News-Register## Two of the demonstrators with the largest sign wave to drivers passing through the Third and Baker street intersection. A number of motorists honked in support of releasing the report on Mueller's investigation into Russian involvement in U.S. elections.
Rusty Rae/News-Register##
Three of the demonstrators reconnoiter as the protest at Third and Baker wound down. The protesters are asking that the full Mueller investigation report be released.
Rusty Rae/News-Register## Three of the demonstrators reconnoiter as the protest at Third and Baker wound down. The protesters are asking that the full Mueller investigation report be released.
By News-Register staff • group protests for release of Mueller report

A small group of protestors, members of the local organization, protested for the release of the Mueller Report Thursday evening. They spent about 20 minutes waving signs at the intersection of Third and Baker streets downtown..

The local  group was apparently a part of a national protest, according to one of the members of the group, who said protested  in 200 cities across the nation Thursday.. 



No one is above the law. But there are laws that protect witnesses, informants, grand jury testimony, etc. the law requires the ‘hand picked’ Attorney General to redact sensitive data before release to the entire congress as they do not all have the same clearance. Not that congress would leak sensitive information, that would be crazy. AG Barr is doing his job.

The mueller report came up with squat on the president and know the dems need to know all the dirty laundry to keep the charade going. Law enforcement is supposed to investigate crimes to find the person not people to find a crime.

Let’s see what does when President Trump declassifies the fisa warrants and we get to see who knew what and when. There is a pucker running through DC and it starts at the top with ‘no scandal ‘ Obama. They will certainly be holding up thier move on signs then.


Release the Mueller Report!


bigfootlives -- all true and started at the top in the previous administration.

Dems -- get over it!


Twenty minutes? That was it?


Bigfoot & Finch-- How do you know Mueller "came up with squat"?? I don't see how you can come to that conclusion until you know what exactly the report says.....You may be correct... or it's possible Mueller didn't indict because of Justice Dept. policy that the President cannot be charged...Even Barr stated that the report was NOT an exoneration.
Your assumption shows a bias....

Bill B

a little of the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think tagup?


You think my post show bias?.....for asking to see the facts?


facts are not popular nowadays tagup. I am with you. As long as we do not know the report it is just speculation on both sides.


It appears that “bias” is in the eye of the beholder, tagup. It seems quite transparent as to why the loyalists do NOT want the facts and the truth revealed. If the report was truly the exoneration that some continue to claim, an innocent person (and his supporters) would confidently DEMAND its release immediately.

Some of our fellow citizens have twisted themselves into partisan pretzels in an attempt to justify the destructive unethical actions of the current administration. The blind loyalty must surely become more challenging with every new revelation. No wonder they do not welcome what may be additional evidence of criminal behavior, they must be exhausted by now. I have faith that the truth will shake out eventually – it usually does – whether anyone chooses to accept it is another matter, of course.

American taxpayers financed the Mueller report, we have the right to see it. I predict that continuing efforts to hide it will only make things worse.


Treefarmer, did you even read my post? How would you like to give confidential testimony in front of a grand jury about arguably the most powerful person (R or D) in the country if not the world and have the report handed out to a bunch of partisan hacks (R or D) and not have your name redacted? The report will come out.

I say they didn’t find squat because everything the Special Council did regarding warrants and indictments was leaked ahead of time. Remember CNN showing up to Roger Stone’s house an hour ahead of the FBI ‘on a hunch’? Not to mention Mueller said there were no more indictments.

Yep, we financed that stinking pile of crap. The only thing I can promise you is more sham investigation to come (R and D).


What is odd to me is the fact that Russians actively interfered in our election. We were attacked. Trump and the Dems made it about Trump. Now the argument about a report and what it says about Trump. The attack by a foreign power is no where to be seen. For countries attacking us, we are sweet silly people so easily distracted.


I'm waiting for the movie version.


Yes, Bigfootlives – I did read your post, did you read mine? I have no problem with a JUDICIOUSLY redacted version of the report, but the idea that AG Barr’s covert “interpretation” of the findings is all we need to know is absurd and dangerous. I find it interesting that you have pre-judged the report that none of us have read as a “sham” and a “pile of crap.” Mr. Mueller found a wealth of evidence of Russia’s attack on our elections, filed dozens of indictments, successfully prosecuted many of the campaign’s inner circle and, as Mike points out in the post below yours, exposed our vulnerabilities to additional attacks and malicious influence in the future. We have not only the right to see the facts, American voters NEED this information. A genuine leader would be more concerned about the threats to our national security than the hit to his ego because he lost the popular vote. Actual oversight is the Constitutionally mandated job of the Congress. I am so relieved that after two years of zero oversight we are finally seeing some in-depth investigation into the corruption that continues to poison and subvert our government.

And re the “leaks” you seem to assert would justify NOT releasing the report, everyone – right, left, and center – has respected the way Mueller ran his investigation. Even the most tenacious of reporters and critics were unable to pierce his professional boundaries. Being informed about the results of his work does not qualify as leaking. It is the legal and logical next step in the process. I am old enough to remember when Nixon attempted every trick in the book to hide the truth from us, but when the extent of his corruption was finally revealed, even his most ardent supporters called for his removal from office. Transparency is the key to a healthy democracy.

Bill B

Treefarmer says: "I am so relieved that after two years of zero oversight we are finally seeing some in-depth investigation into the corruption that continues to poison and subvert our government. "

And you are not biased, right!

Let's face it, the only ones that comment here feel strongly one way or the other.

DG was longer than 20 min. It started at 5 and when I left around 6:30, there were still folks out there.

A New Generation

I just love how the N-R reports (but as usual, is unaware, lol) that "the local group was apparently a part of a national protest". How provincial.


The full report should be released to Congress. If Trump and his cohorts have nothing to hide they would be demanding the release to prove it. Trump must think the law doesn't apply to him and that is very dangerous for our country.

The American people have a right to know what was found by Mueller.

A New Generation

Yes, and in accordance to the 'fake news' (censorship?) going on in our country, I find it amusing that the News Register didn't publish the more representative photos showing the 30 people (by my count) holding signs and exercising their right to protest. Just sayin'. Maybe social media (Progressive Yamhill)is the better option?


“Mudstump” – the anti-American in the White House definitely does not believe our laws apply to him, in fact he has total contempt for the law and the Constitution and all forms of civility. I watched in horror when abuse of power was being discussed at a town hall meeting recently. A woman jumped to her feet to deny there was any problem. She declared that if the orange one was to become our dictator that would be great with her. She was serious. The “base” is small, but dangerously brainwashed. Fortunately the resistance grows with each new malicious unhinged action from the one who warned us early-on that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a voter. Bless every single protester – we are in a fight for the soul of America and the stakes have NEVER been higher.

“A New Generation” and “DG” - I regret that I didn’t know about the gathering or I would have been there. Just so, I very much appreciate your posts, and the fact that you both corrected the record with your first-hand accounts (What say you, N/R, do you stand by your report?)


treefarmer - your insults are getting old and are offensive to many. Half of this country voted for President Trump because they were fed up with both sides and the continuous fighting and the fact that nothing was getting accomplished. Your continued name calling with the "orange man" is childish. I'm sure you would be deeply offended to have had people call our previous president names relating to his skin color. That is the type of crap that perpetuates this ongoing battle over racism that I believe is media driven. More has been accomplished in the past two years than the previous eight.

Enjoy your report when it comes out but be careful what you wish for because the new attorney general is going to bring to light what the mainstream media refused to ever acknowledge or report on.


Your indignation about insults directed toward trump is amusing....perhaps a double standard being applied?


Hey Finch – I do not intend to offend, but since you find my observations and opinions upsetting, may I ask – yet again - why you continue to read my posts? I do not disagree with your assertion that many voters were fed up with both sides, plus the only other choice on our ballot in 2016 was quite objectionable to many. (Although she did get 3 million more votes than the one who “won.”) Re identifying the person in the White House as the “orange one,” please consider it a mild identifier used to tone down a deep revulsion. It is hard to believe that you actually would not be aware as to the extent of the foul racist language and putrid graphic images used to denigrate Obama AND his family for the entire eight years he served our country. You must not watch Fox? Drudge? Breitbart? Daily Caller? (Outlets that specialize in all that is hateful and divisive.)

I do find it enigmatic that you (and many others) can be proud of and satisfied with the “accomplishments” of this administration. Ripping babies from their mother’s arms and locking them in cages? Referring to terrified women and children as animals and tear-gassing them? Passing an obscene self-serving tax give-away to the rich while blowing up the national debt and deficit? A steady diet of pathological lies and deception? Constant bullying? Disgracing us on the world stage? Systematically undermining our national security? Defiling the Constitution and the rule of law? America is becoming unrecognizable to those of us who do not share your rosy views.

I am positive there will be NOTHING in Mueller’s report to “enjoy.” And I find it very strange that you think lapdog Barr intends to shed light on anything. He is doing everything humanly possible to hide the truth from us. That is why he was hired.


treefarmer - Evidently you did not see footage of the 'cages' being used during the Obama administration. The children are not ripped from their parents arms. Do you even realize how many are sent here without their parents? The system is completely overwhelmed with over 100,000 just last month. We cannot support and sustain this amount of people. Do you realize how many rapes and assaults occur during these caravans?

The national debt and deficit grew by 10 trillion under Obama.

As far as hate news I suppose you don't watch MSNBC, CNN or any of the other cable and ABC channels that have spent two solid years bashing Trump. Not to mention late night comedians of which I believe you are a fan that bash him nightly.

As far as Barr, he is no lapdog. He doesn't care if you're a D or an R. That man is a straight shooter and was very happy in his retirement and didn't need to take this on. This investigation will go back and identify where this all began and it wasn't in 2016.


Finch, just for the records. Obama took office in 2008 at the beginning of the world's biggest financial crisis. That makes the difference!


One other thing I forgot to mention is that if you were to see the full clip you would understand that he was calling MS13 gang members animals.

Yes, GRM you're correct. The Bush administration had the war and they were heavy spenders as well. He came in after the housing crisis during the Clinton years was unraveling. These economical events tend to have recovery periods of about 10 years.

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