By editorial board • 

Oregon loses a model of civility

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, who succumbed to brain cancer earlier this week, was, as one of his many admirers said, the “quintessential public servant.”

An example of the kind of Republicans Oregon used to routinely elect to high office, he was thoughtful, open-minded and collaborative. Ever the honest broker, he put the public good before all else, even his most strongly held personal views.

After a tour of duty as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, he came home to establish a loving family and thriving law practice. He went on to serve 12 years in the House and mount a losing gubernatorial campaign before becoming Oregon’s first Republican secretary of state in decades. 

Richardson eschewed the bombast and invective that mark so much of modern politics. He relied on his record of integrity and accomplishment to win voter trust.

That served him well and he served us well. He will be missed.


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