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Hendricks Road eviction trial moved to Feb. 22

The trial involving five men who are living at 7351 N.E. Hendricks Road, despite having been evicted, has been moved back two weeks.

Originally scheduled for Feb. 8, it's now set for 9:30 a.m. Feb. 22 in Judge Jennifer Chapman's courtroom in the Yamhill County Courthouse.

The five campers filed to bring the case to trial following a Jan. 29 eviction hearing. They claim they are allowed  to live on the site just east of Carlton because the owner, now deceased, told them they could.

But estate representative Grace Snidow posted a 60-day eviction notice in mid-November. Since the campers did not vacate the property Jan. 14, her attorney, Steve Cox of McMinnville, is pursuing legal action to have them removed.

At the upcoming trial, the judge could find in favor of the men and allow them to remain on the property. Or she could find in favor of the estate and order them to leave; if they don't, then the sheriff's office would be ordered to take steps to remove them.




What was the cause of death of the deceased owner? That has never been mentioned in anything I've read, only that he did not show up for the hearing and was found deceased in his house. It seems suspicious and should be clarified if possible.

Reporter Starla Pointer

leo, there have been a variety of rumors, as you can imagine; he was ill -- cancer, I believe -- before his death.


Why was it pushed out 2 weeks? I think they have lived there long enough. No more delays, lets get this done. Chapman, we are all watching how you handle this.


Delay is the middle name of our justice department.


"At the upcoming trial, the judge could find in favor of the men and allow them to remain on the property."

I hope someone will come forward and explain to us what would constitute the legal right for these people to remain on private property beyond the court order to vacate? Very confusing.

Reporter Starla Pointer

treefarmer, at the eviction hearing Jan. 29, the judge gave the men -- and everyone else who appeared for an eviction hearing -- three options: vacate; negotiate with the lawyer and reach a solution; or file to take the case to trial, meaning they were fighting the eviction. They initiated the trial; presumably because of their claim that they have a right to be there because the owner, now deceased, said they could; they claim the representative of the estate shouldn't be able to evict them. Whether the judge will see it there way or not remains a question, but they have bought themselves some time.


Thanks Ms. Pointer - Guess we will have to wait for the trial to see how the wheels of justice grind this one out. Should be interesting to learn more about how verbal agreements are evaluated once the person who allegedly granted them has died.

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