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Jail inmate recognized

Submitted photo##Yamhill County Jail inmate Chrystal Harmes and Sheriff Tim Svenson.
Submitted photo##Yamhill County Jail inmate Chrystal Harmes and Sheriff Tim Svenson.

Yamhill County Jail inmate Chrystal Harmes was honored Monday with a certificate of appreciation that was presented by Sheriff Tim Svenson.

He gave this account of an incident that occurred early Monday morning:

A fellow inmate began choking on a piece of food. Harmes, realizing the inmate was in distress, performed the Heimlich maneuver.

Corrections deputies and jail medical staff responded and determined Harmes' actions had dislodged the food and prevented a more serious incident from happening.

"We don't get the opportunity to provide certificates of appreciation in the facility often, but after reviewing the video, I couldn't let this incident pass by," Svenson said.

He acknowledged that Harmes responded quickly and did the right thing which needed to be recognized. He also said she performed a "textbook" Heimlich technique.


john fritter

Maybe he should give her an application for employment along with it?!


Good work!


Encouraging to see the Sheriff(and presumably his staff) are keeping a closer eye on and acting upon inmate videos when the situation warrants, unlike the recent past.


RKOrbison... I was going to say something along the lines of "well, if the jail staff won't help inmates in medical distress, I guess their fellow inmates have to step up and do the job." I like your comment better. It's a little less abrasive than mine.


Joel.....I ripped the Sheriff a new one in my 8/28 post so I thought I'd be a bit more genteel this time. However, your comment certainly is on point.

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