Letters to the Editor: Nov. 25, 2016

Justice was served

Let’s get this straight.

Two years ago, a Latino member of our community walks into a 7-Eleven across from Linfield College and stabs to death our student athlete, Parker Archie Moore. There was absolutely no reason for this killing. The two individuals reportedly did not even know each other.

The murderer flees the scene only to return a short while later with the bloody knife in his hand. The murderer, Juventino Bermudez-Arenas, raises his knife toward our officers. After repeatedly telling the murderer to drop the knife and get on the ground, Bermudez-Arenas advances toward the officers.
Leaving our officers no choice, they shoot and kill Bermudez-Arenas.

I’m not buying the argument that he spoke only Spanish and didn’t understand the officers’ commands. How many brains does it take to figure out? I just killed someone. The police are aiming their guns at me. What should I do?

Now — what gall!

I am a liberal. But my liberalism only allows me to go so far. I cannot believe this family is filing a lawsuit and wants to rehash this god-awful tragedy. I can only surmise they need the money, and apparently they found a lawyer who needs the same.

Justice was served.

If you are one of those who say, “Why didn’t they just shoot him in the leg?” I would suggest you go online and do some research. It doesn’t work that way. This is not the movies.

And I know the outcome. The city will fold and write them a check. It’s cheaper that way, don’t you know? Fairness be damned. Taxpayers get shafted.

John C. Schindelar



Stop parking there

My wife and I are quite concerned with the number of people who ignore the “No Parking — Fire Lane” signs posted in front of the Bi-Mart pharmacy outside pick-up window.

There are usually two or three cars pulled up in a no parking area with several posted signs. If there were an emergency in the store and fire equipment were dispatched, there could be a significant delay because people feel these signs do not apply to them. They apparently rationalize it’s only going to be a few minutes.
What part of “no parking” don’t they understand?

Store officials are in a difficult position because they do not want to lose the business but still are required to post the no parking signs. As local residents, we are obligated to follow the parking restrictions established for public safety.

Bob Allen



Don Dix

John Schindelar -- I doubt the city will settle, mainly because there are witnesses and a video of the confrontation. All confirm that Arenas was the aggressor.

That said, the 'ambulance chaser' hired will try to confuse the facts with all sorts of innuendos and claims of the police brutality. Those arguments will go nowhere, and the family will get nothing but a judicial lesson in fraudulent lawsuits!


This litigation is an attempt to get a settlement...Hope the city will not let defense costs get in the way of doing the right think....although the insurance company will be eyeing the bottom line.

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