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McMinnville sees record rainfall, ferry closed, flood watch continues today

 UPDATE: Friday, 8 a.m.:

WHEATLAND - The Wheatland Ferry is closed due to high water on the Willamette River, according to the Marion County Public Works Department.

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McMinnville recorded a record 3.01 inches of rain Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. The old record for the day was 2.56 inches set in 1960.

It only rained 0.26 inches last year on the day.

Since Oct. 1, rainfall has totaled 17.31 inches in McMinnville.

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The National Weather Service in Portland has declared a flood watch in effect for parts of Oregon and southwestern Washington, through tonight, a development that could complicate some Thanksgiving travel plans.

Heavy rain is forecast in the Coast Range . That could cause rivers and creeks draining those areas to rise fast.

Although the Yamhill is not one of the rivers listed, the weather could result in flooded fields, low-lying property and roads, the weather service warned.




Don Dix

Over 17 in. of rain to date -- over 2 in. more than the normal 3 month total from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, with 36 days still remaining.

Looking back at the fall forecasts for the NW made by all walks of 'experts', they all predicted below normal precipitation. In past predictions, most have been wrong as well. Not one predicted the wet year of 2015, or a warm June or cool July.

Taken into account, the lack of accuracy of so many predictions of the fall climate for this region (3 months out), how does one have any confidence in any climate prediction years from now?

My guess is as good as yours -- or, based on accuracy, as good as the 'guesses' of the so-called experts! It takes no talent to be consistently wrong!


Historical trends of recorded data are not the same as a 3 month weather prediction......