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Century Link 911 service disrupted in the West Valley

 Century Link has advised of a partial 911 network outage in the Grand Ronde/Sheridan/Willamina area of Yamhill County.

The outage was caused by a network circuit failure. The exact number of customers who have experienced disruption is unknown.

Century Link has rerouted calls away from the faulty circuits. However, citizens in the area should know what to do if they call 911 from their landline phone and receive a fast busy signal instead of reaching an emergency dispatcher.

"Because the disruption affects only landline service, citizens who attempt to contact 911 and are unable to get through, should place a call using a cellular device" Yamhill Communications Agency Executive Director Patti Sauers said.

For areas served by YCOM, the non-emergency number is 503-434-6500. For those areas served by the Newberg-Dundee 911 center, the numbers if 503-538-3131.

An updated alert will be sent when service is restored, currently estimated to be three hours.





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