Community Sports

Paul Disney of Dallas hit a hole-in-one on the par-3 7th hole at Cross Creek Golf Course in Dallas on July 9. Disney used a 7-iron on the 147-yard hole; Jim Schroeder, Bob Bennett and Dave Day were witnesses. It was Disney’s first-ever hole-in-one.

McMinnville Senior Men’s Golf
Bayou Golf Club, McMinnville, July 17
LD No. 8: Bud Calish
LD No, 8: Bob Urwin (Super Senior)
KP No. 3: Duane Qualey
KP No. 7: Wayne Weiher
Low Gross No. 1: Barry Bingham, 41
LG No. 2: Three tied at 42 (George Cabrera, Jack Inhoff, Jack Miller)
Low Net No. 1: Jack Inhoff, 30
LN No. 2: Two tied at 31 (George Cabrera, Bob Urwin)
LN No. 3:Two tied at 32 (Donnie Davis, Charles Morris)

Bayou Golf Club, McMinnville, July 10
LD No. 8: Mike Sweeny, Les Miller
KP No. 3: Vern Farrington
KP No. 7: Ray Nash
LP No.9: Jimmy Lum

Low Gross No. 1: Rich Schroeder, 43
LG No. 2: Two tied at 44 (Les Miller, Jack Miller)
LG No. 3: Two tied at 46 (Gene Anderson, Larry Bennett)
Low Net No. 1: Bob Parry, 31
LN No. 2: Al Osborn, 32
LN No. 3: Four tied at 33 (Les Miller, Gene Anderson, Rich Schroeder, Joe Petro)

Cross Creek Golf Course, Dallas, July 8
LD No. 6: Jim VanAnsell
KP No. 4: Frank Warren
KP No. 7: Don Lutz
LP No. 8: Jack Kilcrease

Low Gross No. 1: Two tied at 40 (Blake Williams, Frank Warren)
LG No. 2: Mike Farley, 41
LG No. 3: Bud Calish, 42
Low Net No. 1: A.L. Six, 32
LN No. 2: Two tied at 33 (Sam Stewart, Dale Vanderzanden)
LN No. 3: Two tied at 34 (Jim Cox, Vern Farrington)

Cross Creek Golf Course, Dallas, July 15

Low Gross No. 1: Charles Nagley
LG No. 2: Jack Miller
LG No. 3: Frank Warren
Low Net No. 1: Les Toth
LN No. 2: Pete Schmidt
LN No. 3: Art Meclenheimer


Walnut City Lanes
Mixed League
Thursday Summer Seniors; July 16, 2015:
High game scratch: Who Cares, 563.
High series scratch: Who Cares, 1657.
High game scratch: Dave Mingo, 215; Hamish Densmore, 214; Gene Langue, 212; Joe Aspromonte, 202.
High series scratch: Hamish Densmore, 610; Gene Langue, 594; Clyde Reed, 550; Gary Sharp, 545.
High game scratch: Judy Souza, 180; Sheila Langue, 169; BJ Andrews, 163; Carol Shepko, 158.
High series scratch: Judy Souza, 465; Sheila Langue, 453; BJ Andrews, 438; Carol Shepko, 419.

Star Bowlers of the Day.
Bowling over Game Average
MEN: Hamish Densmore, 214 (56 pins over game average)
WOMEN: Teresa Burres, 125 (23 pins over game average)
Bowling over Series Average
MEN: Hamish Densmore, 610 (136 pins over series average)
WOMEN: Sheila Langue, 453 (27 pins over series average)