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Amity opens transfer enrollment

To transfer, students need to first have a release signed by their home district. They can then be accepted into the Amity district, to the extent space remains available, said Superintendent Jeff Clark.

The school board has capped enrollment at 65 per grade at the elementary level and 75 per grade at the middle and high school levels. If the district had 61 local students signed up for second grade, for example, then it would have four slots available for incoming transfers.

“We usually have three sections per grade, and try to keep class sizes at 25 or under per grade,” Clark said.

Under state law, students are allowed to transfer to another district, no questions asked, as long as space is available. That district isn’t allowed to consider attendance, grades or behavior.

This year, Amity lost 47 students and gained 105 via the transfer process.

Sometimes students seek transfers so they can graduate with their class, even though their family has moved. Other times, they may simply be pursuing a more personal settling with smaller classes and more individual attention.

For more information, call the district office at 503-835-2171.


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