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Residents complain of mobile homeless village

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Remy is still involved with this?

That’s uh, too bad.


May I suggest that police inspect these parked vehicles daily for current tags and insurance.


Tough issue. You want to be compassionate because but for the grace of God there go any of us. But on the other hand, it's just not acceptable to have that going on in a neighborhood. I hope the City can figure out a good balanced way to take care of it.

Mac Native 66

Here's the solution to part of the problem. The city needs to put up NO PARKING VEHICLES OVER 7' HIGH signs along Doran Dr. It was done by Shari's on Baker St. and the Law office on Adams St. That will get rid of any tall vehicle parked there.


Seems like there must be an underutilized parking lot somewhere around town that could handle this issue......maybe the RV sales lot on Hwy 18 or the airport or an area on Riverside them an authorized place to go would at least stop the “whack a mole” enforcement being used now


Good suggestion tagup...and maybe the first time I've ever agreed with you on something. :)


Right, like the owner of the RV sales lot wants to put up with gypsies.


Well you don't know until you ask.....

Not sure what writing tickets for expired tags and insurance will do to solve the problem....if they can't pay for tags and insurance, they aren't likely to pay the fine either....


Then boot and tow them, like back east.

This town desperately needs parking enforcement not just for this issue, but others as well.


So you’re advocating taking away the only shelter these people have.......really? think treating this as a “parking enforcement “ issue would solve the problem? need to get out more.


I get out just fine, thanks.

Your suggestion is to allow columns of dilapidated RVs and their secondary vehicles to park in neighborhoods?


Kindly post your address and I will go down there and tell them they are welcome outside your house and in your neighborhood indefinitely.

We’re waiting.



Show me exactly where I suggested that they should park in neighborhoods.....that’s right, you can’t.......making things up to support your point doesn’t help your credibility.....

The problem is homelessness,not parking violations. Where the people park is directly related to not having an acceptable alternative....... impounding vehicles would only make the problem worse.....


And allowing the situation to remain as is destroys your credibility and exposes your hypocrisy.

You seem perfectly content with this to continue, as long as it’s not in your backyard.

By not fixing the situation and allowing to fester is not helping anyone and only perpetuates a situation that may lead to unintended outcomes as resentment builds on both sides.

And technically, these people aren’t homeless. Did you read the article?


In my post above I recommended finding an acceptable parking area for these clearly I have never supported neighborhood parking
You have twice stated falsely that I think the current situation is acceptable.....your statements are dishonest and I see no point to continue a discussion with someone that invents talking points to obfuscate the true issue....

Mac Native 66

The thing is, we are the sWine Capital of Oregon and we can't keep out the vagrants. If you want them out, tell it the the council members. And if they don't want to do anything about them, then vote out the BAD council members who want to do nothing about them. I'm going after the vagrant in my neighbor hood, myself in a nice way.


“Acceptable parking area”?

And what is your proximity to the areas you suggest?

NIMBY much?

Hypocrisy is easy to spot and very unbecoming.


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