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Yamhill County fires longtime tech chief

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Shame on Laura Tschabold. It sounds to me like she is still trying to further Leslie Lewis' vicious vendetta. If I were Mr Paolo I would not fight this at all. I would RUN from these dysfunctional people and get a job in the private sector. God bless the poor soul who gets lured into taking Paolo's place.


I agree with Joel. Insubordination? Who do these martinets think they are? Tschabold comes across like McMinnville's version of Nurse Ratched. And who would ever want to be allied with Leslie Lewis? What petty, vindictive, mean-spirited people. Paolo deserves far better than having to work in this bitchy middle school environment.

Bill B

Reads like a very one sided article. Should have been on the editorial page!


I don't think the article is one-sided. It begins with an easily-verifiable fact: that Yamhill County Administrator Laura Tschabold fired longtime county Information Technology Manager Murray Paolo on Monday. It further states Paolo had been on paid administrative leave from his $94,340 post since Aug. 3, another also-easily-verifiable fact. More follow.

Like any standard news story, subjective elements are attributed to the various players as quotes, with Paolo's supporters and detractors both noted.

I make no pretense of knowing what really transpired in this long and increasingly sordid narrative but, except for readers hopelessly biased in one direction or the other, the News-Register has presented the story in a neutral light. To condemn the newspaper for relating a story of controversy without taking a specific side is inappropriate.


Public safety officials tell me that Paolo is the mastermind behind the radio system. That he has applied for an received millions in grants to fund the system. That he also bailed it out from the mess that it was in. McMinnville should find the money and hire Paolo directly. Funny how the County has had all these supposed issues yet Paolo has worked for the city for years with no problems.

Don Dix

A 'county employee' drawing $94K+ yearly ... and the city is paying 70% of that salary. Doesn't that make one wonder if Mr. Paolo primarily worked for the city and not the county? Seems so! An explanation might be useful ... or even interesting!

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