By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Wine drinking Amity planning commissioner denied reappointment

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Seems a little harsh, folks. After all, we do live in wine country!


No good deed goes unpunished. Kistler has put in untold hours of valuable volunteer time for the city, even though he does not reside in city limits. It is typical and short-sighted of this council and not a good start for Dyche. And, it is completely insulting for Andrade to ask such a question in a public forum. He should be ashamed, as should Lehman and Dyche.


I do agree that this is a short sighted decree. There were no laws broken and it was solely based on personal opinions. It brings to question what else was the motivation is and I think its important for everyone to give the benefit of the doubt to this volunteer. A concern could of easily been discussed privately and it would of solved the issue. Wine is not evil and it has its place, but I can totally see it being a simple blunder on Kistler's part. Why make it into a big deal?....because these members like drama. We all know how hard it is to find people that will volunteer their time and also finding people that will put up with the egos that have been notoriously aligned with this city and its politics. Get off your high horse Lehman. They'll come for you next now.