By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Wife uses knife and frying pan to fight off attacking husband

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nice guy


Hope the courts take this seriously. Statistics show that a history of strangulation is the #1 sign that an abuser will eventually kill his victim, and even if he doesn't, the more she is choked the more likely she is to die of the effects later (mainly due to stroke). The community needs to support her so she doesn't have to rely on her abuser to care for his children. No one should have to choose between repeated chokings and feeding their kids.


We all know this man needs help, but this woman needs to get out of yesterday. I would think that living in a shelter with her kids would be far and away better than staying and being killed. Not to mention that it's abusive to her kids to stay in that kind of violent environment. Even if the kids weren't there for this last incident we know they have witnessed way more violence and drunkenness than they should. If she stays someone should remove the kids for their own well-being. Show the kids that this isn't how people live and we may save another family or two from repeating the cycle.

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