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Trail meeting draws large audience

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Build that trail!

Sal Peralta

This would have such a positive impact on this county. We need a lot more outdoor recreational opportunities such as trails and parks than we currently have.


Dang Sal, this make two issues in a row that you and I agree on (the jail death being the other). Crazy times. :)

Mac Native 66

LETS NOT DUMP A HOLE LOT OF MONEY INTO THIS TRAIL! Make the trail simple, so when the tracks are put back for the mas-transit to Washington county and Portland moves forward easily and a hole lot of concrete doesn't have to be ripped out along with shrubbery. People who don't want the trail just need to move. That right of way has been around a hundred years longer than I've been alive. So Keep It Simple Silly!!!!!!!


Lots of drawings and dreams but still cannot say what it will cost. We have to build it to know what it will cost. Sounds like they are quietly excluding the equine community from using the trail without actually telling the equine community, they still need their support right now and don't want to alienate them. Wake up people this will be a black hole for tax dollars. There is a reason why they are not telling us what it will cost.


Nvs speaks the truth: How much will it cost? That no one knows the answer or refuses to discuss money represents a giant flapping red flag. What happened to the transparency everyone seems so proud to profess?


Horses will be prohibited on the trail in the city-limits, says federal trail agent Dan Miller, working for the county on this trail proposal, for at least ten years he thinks. Carlton does not want horses in town, then said, at the last Yamhelas Friends Meeting. And, there will be no trail heads in the country, so horses will have to ride to the trail using the road, unloading somewhere on their own.

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