By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

State files lawsuit against Creekside Valley Farms

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It wouldn’t surprise me if the state tries to force all farming operations to close down. It doesn’t align with their progressive Shangri-La everyone from town being able to go on bike trails and hike in the rural parts.


C’mon Greg....your ok with an operator that allows chemical drift on other people’s property multiple times and is now accused of using off label chemicals on his crops?.....this company appears to to have no regard for the safety or property of others....maybe this company should be closed down if they can’t follow the regulations that every other farm operation can comply with.....


tagup but it’s ok for wineries to destroy our once beautiful tree covered hills and host huge gatherings of townspeople? What next a wine train like they did in California? Californians have totally wrecked Oregon . Environmentally with their overpopulation and toxic leftist politics.


I’m not quite clear on what you mean by “destroy our our once beautiful tree covered hills” are vineyards any different than hazelnut orchards or hay fields?...all have been developed on what was once tree covered lands.....and your blame of “Californians” for all things you don’t like is fine as long as you realizle that the ownership of the company above is from good old Yamhill county...


It sounds like you have a "manifesto,"gregtompkins. Will we one day see your face plastered all over the nightly news, after you try mowing down the entire contemptible population of Santa Cruz?


@Lulu Santa Cruz is a nice place but there are a lot of leftists there and homeless people there. My work has me going down there once a month. I don’t know why these Uber leftist areas struggle to take care of the homeless problems. Look how bad San Francisco has gotten. You have to step over homeless people and they take a big pressure washer to clean up all the feces. I wonder where all that runoff goes? Into the Bay I suppose.