By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Sheridan sewer, water rate hikes are recommended

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And what amount of taxpayer money did Sheridan have to pay the consultant that advised getting their pennies together now for when the sewers will be ripe for capital improvements?


I think that is a legitimate question as the study seemed pretty simple i.e. here are the costs of what we need to fix and this is how to pay for it.
Did it need a consultant? How much did the report cost?

Paul Daquilante

Hibb / SW . . .

Steve Donovan, Donavon Enterprises Inc., charges the city of Sheridan $155.00 per hour, according to City Manager Frank Sheridan. He said a "letter report" and "briefing" to the city council is done once a year, and he usually bills 20 hours of work.

Sheridan said, "The work includes data from the enterprise funds that we need for inclusion in the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) System. The city must upload data to EMMA to meet its obligations to provide access to continuing disclosures such as audited financial statements and other financial information. The obligation is a result of our bond issues for the enterprise funds and our S&P Global Unit Ratings on those bonds and the General Fund."

The rate analysis is the bulk of the billing during a fiscal year.

Paul Daquilante/reporter