By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Sale delays for museum campus

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The unidentified buyer must be Bill Stoller. I was just on the Stoller Wine site and saw all the veteran-focused wine they're selling there and it dawned on me. He's heavily developing his winery and buying a bunch of property in Dayton. He would be able to use the museum for special events and will buy acres of existing vines. He would be a great owner. He has the skill to make it work and the funds to invest further in the property to develop it completely. The lodge would finally be built. I'm surprised the Jacksons and other California winery folks didn't see the opportunity here and bid against him. Good for him.


I would hope that it’s a local entity but I am still aghast at them turning our formerly beautiful farm county into California. And what isn’t winery is turning into subdivisions. That song “paved paradise put up a parking lot” is happening fast to our county. Sad