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Pursuit endangers Amity students; Dallas man arrested

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I appreciate that the officers were able to apprehend this man and protect the school...but something just doesn't feel right about seeing another human being left face down on the road with his hands shackled behind his back while two other heavily armed human beings stand over the top of him looking down at their catch.
Wouldn't it have been more professional if after getting the cuffs on him they would have respectfully helped him up and put him in the back of their car?
I guess what I'm trying to say is that while he may have committed a crime, he is still every bit as much a human being as they are and once they apprehend him and render him defenseless (so they know they are safe) he deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


Oh, But I will add that I'm grateful that they didn't shoot him. If I remember right it wasn't too long ago that another man was killed by the police within a block or two of that same area.


Joel - thank you for your Chairbourne (aka: armchair expert) comments on the protocols of law enforcement policies and procedures.

Remind the readers, just how many years of law enforcement did you serve?


Sorry T.W.S, I've seen enough of your antics on the other threads. There's now way I'm going to engage with you... on this article or any other.


"no way"

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