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Perry Stubberfield memorial: a life lived fully; a man who made a difference to many

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Mr. Stubberfield was a great inspiration. I don't remember the class, social studies I believe, but I remember him saying, "McMinnville was the right size town when I was growning up, it's the right size town now and it will probably be the right size town when I"m old." I think about that often when people suggest I move in to Portland or Beaverton.

Thinking of you Kim, Keri and Kris.

Lisa Anderson


Coach Stubberfield was great!....

I remember on an American legion baseball road trip back in the day, we decided to pull a prank on one of the younger players...while he was sleeping, every other player on the team took their spending money and put it in the guy's wallet. Of course Coach Stubbs was on board, and we all pretended that our money had been stolen. Coach called a team meeting, gave us the lecture on the importance of honesty and being good team mates...then he had us all line up and bring out our wallets...of course everyone's was empty except the one guy!!.. Coach gave a performance worthy of an Oscar..but ended it with a smile and a good laugh by everyone......Those were good days for growing up....Coach was a good man!!

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