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Noble breaks with GOP on death sentence

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I'm pro-choice. I respect Noble for being true to his belief to include all of a person's life. Honorable.


Some people give up that "right to life" when they raped/tortured/brutalized and then murdered someone else. The Death Penalty is the correct punishment to some of the worse of the worse out there. I disagree with Mr Noble.


Some criminals may “deserve” death, but it is beyond our flawed ability to decide that. The death penalty, is a “perfect” punishment, in that it is absolute and irreversible, and thus morally indefensible for a justice system as imperfect as ours. With its long history of mistake and abuse, it should have long be confined to the dustbin of history. I commend Mr. Noble for supporting a step in the right direction.


We have the death penalty in Oregon but don't use it. I fail to see the argument.

Bill B

agree with Lulu. Most states do not follow through on executions so why bother. It's my understanding that death row inmates have better conditions and food than the general population, so let's get them back to the worst conditions possible. They earned it.


I believe in right to life of the victims also. 100% disagree with Ron Noble.

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