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Newberg woman arrested for stealing from animal shelter

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I applaud the efforts of local law enforcement and the Newberg Animal Shelter for their 6-month investigation that has led to charges being filed in this case. I would like to see other local agencies put under the financial microscope so we can see how many of them are not playing fair either.

As is often the case, these kind of crimes are usually only discovered after the fact and only because of the due diligence of the detectives investigating and Newberg Animal Shelter's willingness to cooperate even to the point of revealing that their accounting system had too many loopholes that enabled a thief to do their work.

Yamhill County has a number of nonprofits that are not properly monitored by the funding agency: HHS. Audits are in order and let the chips fall where they may, violators must be prosecuted. Thousands and thousands of HHS Dollars are made available every month to competing agencies, but so far HHS Yamhill County has failed to properly follow-up with how the money is really being spent: Too much money going to salaries and not enough to reported projects; HHS Dollars being spent on personal expenses and not as intended; as well as other dubious purchases. Too many hands are in the proverbial 'cookie jar' and it's our money!

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