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New sculpture goes up in roundabout

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Who paid for it?

Reporter Starla Pointer

Good question, Joel, and information I should have included in the story. I'm adding it now -- information from a previous story I did on the roundabout art:

Placing the Kelly piece at the Hill and Wallace intersection will cost about $33,000. The city contributed one-third of the cost of the sculpture, pad and installation; private donations covered the other two-thirds, Rupp said.

The Native-themed sculpture at the Hill and Baker Creek intersection also will be funded by multiple sources: one-third the city, one-third private donations and one-third from the Oregon Community Foundation.


Hmm, that's the same amount claimed for that other sculpture at Wallace and Hill Road. That one also was said to cost 1/3 and the other 2/3 donations. Coincidence?


Thanks Starla.

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