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McMinnville man found guilty of assaulting 83-year-old mother

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Funny how criminals and mentally ill have more rights than our seniors. Who is going to protect her when he gets out and wants to go back to his moms house? What is even more sad is when the same criminals and mentally ill know, and flaunt, the fact they won't get more than a slap on the wrist and then released to do the same, if not worse, again. I hope Ms. Anderson is able to get protection in place and the system actually helps her to understand what will happen when he is out again.


What a joke. Fifteen months for trying to kill his mother. I want that attorney on retainer.


Hopefully he will have a very unpleasant 12 months. It really does not seem like enough time. I'm sure her heart is broken but I just hope that they protect her when he is out.


Love the inappropriate smile. He's a true asset to society. I'm sure he never bought the "every day is children's day" response.