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Mac school board OKs anti-racism resolution

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The McMinnville School Board has drank the Kool Aid!

Racism often leads to discrimination in many of its available forms. Reverse discrimination is real and active in the culture today. Not every white person is the devil incarnate nor should they be treated that way, just as every Black is not a criminal, every Hispanic an illegal alien, or every Asian... well, you get the picture. The Board has opted to placate minorities by neglecting the majority, even to the point of causing them a disadvantage. While it is true that we needed to right the ship so to speak when it comes to race relations, equality and civil rights - we must be careful to not capsize the ship by over-correcting. I hope and pray that in the future there will be equality for all and that we can move beyond the demonizing of white America.

Will District staff be wearing BLM t-shorts come the fall?


Hibb, you misspelled White.


Hibb-I’m not clear why you see the boards resolution as “reverse discrimination “?
How are they neglecting the majority by this statement?


I'm with you Hibb. This is ridiculous and out of control. They should spend more time on the much needed basics and quit wasting so much time on social and sexual issues. Much of this stuff wasn't an issue until they started cramming it down these kids throats. I'm so happy that my kids are grown and just got to be kids without putting up with this and all the additional and unnecessary pressure of magnifying small issues into that they've become. That's the problem -- innocence is being taken from them. No wonder there's so much anxiety at young ages and pressure for things they shouldn't have to worry or think about. College was bad enough with the left wing professors spewing their politics that had nothing to do with the subject matter. I don't know a single person that treats people differently based on color or anything else. And if they do no resolution or anything else will change them. I also agree with you regarding reverse discrimination. It is alive and well in life, in society and most definitely in politics.


I consider myself to be a fortunate man. I learned in junior high school that the correct words would be “has drunk.” Just sayin.


Minorities being killed by law enforcement all over the country....and we are concerned about “reverse discrimination “ and using a capital letter in our posts?....maybe acknowledgment of the real problems rather than deflection to trifling Issues would be a step in the right direction.


tagup - The trifling issues of one person is not the same as that of another. I find it interesting that you continue to state the same thing time and again. Yes, it's horrible when anyone is killed by law enforcement. I personally find it horrible when any innocent person is killed by whatever means. The problem with social media is that a portion of an incident gets recorded and starts flying all over and unrest begins based on mere seconds of an incident before any facts are even being collected and investigated. Oftentimes there's more to the story and a history involving the victim but no one knows that based on a video clip. I think all agree that George Floyd should not have died the way he did. It was terrible and wrong. There's also more to that tape that's come out (as usual) and he had more drugs in his system which caused that behavior. Statistics have shown that more whites die by cops than minorities. I've said before that races of people should not be judged. Each person is different. Do you feel the same way about black on black murders that occur in major cities every single weekend of the year? Do you feel the same way about innocent children and babies being murdered by random gunfire because of the crime, murders and shootings in these cities? Do you have any defense and compassion for good and honest law enforcement officers that are looped in and terrorized by these radicals in these cities rioting and destroying night after night? There is so much more to all of this and it will continue at the rate it is until November 3rd. Once the election happens it will either end or will erupt again because of the outcome.


Fitch- the overwhelming data shows minorities are at higher risk...of course the total numbers might be less, but they are, after all, get that right?
My posts are more critical of law enforcement personnel because they are put into a position of power, trained (supposedly) and I expect them to preform their jobs at a higher level then a civilian. There are plenty of outstanding police officers..I have family that are Oregon State patrol, but there are also thousands of cases where LE have failed egregiously in there duties to protect and serve...when they don’t meet the standards those guys (and gals) need to get the boot, and charged with crimes if warranted. That rarely happens without a large public outcry.
My point is that discussion of capital letters and reverse discrimination are indeed trivial when unarmed minority citizens are shot in the back or choked out for selling single cigarettes....Those officers did not fear for their lives...
Change in policing techniques are necessary right now....that’s the basis of the BLM movement......police need to be held to higher standards. If you truly think it’s “horrible” when people are killed unjustly don’t you have a responsibility to at least speak out against it?....That’s what the protests are....people speaking out..


I agree with many of your points but this violence has nothing to do with the cause at this point. They are coming in from other cities for the purpose of anarchy and that is wrong. If they truly cared and wanted to be heard they could have a peaceful dialog and they would be heard. We wouldn't be on the 90th day of destroying cities, property and lives. People are giving up on city life. They're fed up. That also takes away from the local economy. Enough is enough.