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‘Crisis-level problem’: City of McMinnville joins statewide group addressing changes to Measure 110

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Measure 110 became an enabler.. Not a solution. When writing laws, we need to make sure they are capable of fulfilling the goal. There was never enough established care to help solve the crisis of drugs, and there was compliance for use of drugs which enabled it. Not only causing more use, but since drugs cost money, more theft, more crime, including assaults under the influence.

Measure 114 has a lot of good things, but unless they have the capabilities to perform background checks like they want in that measure, it takes away from what is written.

We must write better laws that understand the complications applying the law, the effects long term and short term and how they interact with other things.

Paul Daquilante

TroyProuty . . .

He will serve most of the 15 years. He does receive credit for local time served on the assault case, but it does amount to less than one year.

The 27-month sentence on the federal bank robbery case was resolved.

Hope this helps.

Paul Daquilante/reporter

Paul Daquilante

Comment for TroyProuty was meant for bonnybedlam, related to a different story.

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