By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Local activists hold Fire Drill Friday

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Instead of protesting why don’t these people actually do something. Protesting something that is in the news every day is a little redundant. Their time could be spent raising money for their cause instead of carrying a sign and getting nothing done.


“These people” do a helluva lot more that stand on a street corner carrying signs. Raising public awareness is only one part of the work done be “these people.”

Don Dix

A group of left-leaning Ds wearing red? To 'protest' how Mother Nature changes the climate, which she has been doing for 4.5 billion years? Don Quixote would be proud!


What work do they do, Drew?

Christmas has Talons

You crack me up Don and you're right.
The truth is they protest all the things God himself created like, marriage, gender, life and climate.

Don Dix

Joel -- the same 'protesters' have been seen at the schools (more pay and benefits for teachers), the county offices (more pay and benefits for county employees), and now they will be present to protest Mother Nature.

It makes one wonder what form of transportation they use to get to the rally or how they communicate the plans to 'the believers' -- even bicycles are made from petroleum products, as are cell phones, the cell towers, the ink to make signs, the rain gear and boots that might be necessary, etc. It all appears to be the same hypocritical show put on by celebrities and those who profit from the flawed hypothesis (as opposed to theory).

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